MOT Prerequisite Requirements

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Students must earn a minimum grade of C in prerequisite course work. Each prerequisite course must be successfully completed before a student may begin the MOT program. Courses taken on a pass/fail or non-credit basis are not accepted for prerequisite courses. All requirements are stated in semester credits.

Convert quarter hours (qh) to semester hours (sh) by multiplying qh X .66 (Example: 5 qh X .66 = 3.3 semester hours).

Biological Sciences (9 Credits minimum, Must complete each of the following courses.)
Biology or Zoology
Anatomy with lab
Physiology with lab
Chemistry (3 Credits)
Physics (3 Credits)
Statistics (3 Credits) (Course taken through a math department.)
Behavioral Sciences (12 Credits, Must complete each of the following courses.)
General Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Life Span Psychology (Must include entire life span, birth to death.)
Sociology or Anthropology
Written or Verbal Communication (5 Credits, Must complete each of the following courses.)
English Composition

Medical Terminology required.

The University of Indianapolis School of Occupational Therapy offers a progressive, challenging curriculum. The admission policies and prerequisite criteria have evolved as the result of years of careful evaluation, and are designed to ensure that each admitted applicant has the necessary preparation to succeed in the occupational therapy program. To that end, applicants should pursue the highest level of preparation possible.